My name is Rozanne Ottenhoff and I am an indepent working graphic designer based in Rotterdam. I work on various on-line and off-line projects like: Websites, identity's, catalogs, posters etc. My main focus is to make strong concepts along with visuals that communicate well and matches most with the expectations of the client. If you are interested in working together, don’t hesitate to send me a message.


Domkerk Utrecht
Baltermore Records
House of Boys
Het Oude Schoolhuys
Douwe van der Werf
Ferhat Aslan
Jeroen Vermandere


For the birth announcement of Philemon Ronald Boele the illustration plays a major role.  The meaning of the name Philemon is 'Loving'. It derives from Greek mythology, namely the story of Philemon and Baucis.  This pious Phrygian couple received Zeus and Hermes hospitably when their richer neighbours turned away the two gods, who were disguised as wayfarers. As a reward, the coulpe was saved from a flood that drowned the rest of the country; their cottage was turned into a temple, and at their own request they became priest and priestess of it. Long after, they were granted their wish to die at the same moment, being turned into trees, an oak and a linden tree. I wanted to incorporate this into the illustration.